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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kingfisher Wharf suitable for teaching, training, and education?

We are proud to work with local education authorities to promote our venue as a place for teaching, training, and learning for the local community and beyond. Attendees can learn about the local river environment, conservation, ecology, and best practice.

How do I know the venue is secure?

The venue is monitored by CCTV and is accessed by a security gate from the towpath in addition to access control on the building itself.
When you hire the venue for an evening event you are required as part the agreement with Kingfisher Wharf to engage one of the venues accredited security personnel for the duration of the event including setup and breakdown time. This ensures that the venue is secure and that external accredited contractors adhere to the terms of service and do not breach any health and safety regulations or cause damage to the venue.

Can I increase my number of guests once booked?

You must ensure that the maximum number of hosts, crew, guests, performers, and any other people entering the venue are disclosed to Kingfisher Wharf as the total number of permitted guests for the venue cannot be exceeded. Kingfisher Wharf will advise and approve.

Can I use my own caterer or florist?

Kingfisher Wharf has an accredited list of suppliers that must be used for catering or florist services as they are trained, certified, and insured to use the venue. In exceptional circumstances, Kingfisher Wharf may consider requests from you to use an alternative external supplier if a service is required that cannot be provided by our accredited list of suppliers.

Can I bring my own alcohol into the venue?

No alcohol may be brought into the venue. Alcohol can only be supplied and served by one of our three catering partners.

Are there any noise restrictions?

Our specified maximum volume or level of sound for music or other entertainment must be strictly adhered to. Sound levels are monitored and limited to 80 Dba and bass needs to be managed so as not to cause a noise issue with our neighbours. The Deck closes at 10pm out of respect to our neighbours and the doors to The Deck must not be left open during the event. Clients are also asked to respect our neighbours whilst using The Deck and keep noise down to a reasonable level.

Can I erect and display my own signage?

As part of our agreement, we ask you not to fix anything to the external structure and have any free-standing external signage approved by Kingfisher Wharf. Kingfisher Wharf will remove any sign or prop blocking internal and external exits, corridors, and fire exit signs.

Can I bring my own electrical equipment for use on the day?

You must ensure that no electrical equipment is used in such a way as to damage or otherwise interfere with the electrical equipment of Kingfisher Wharf, and that no appliance or apparatus is connected to the venue’s electrical system without the prior written consent of Kingfisher Wharf. All electrical equipment must have a valid PAT certificate to be plugged in at the venue. Please note that there is limited additional power available.

What happens if my event overruns our intended finish time?

The end time of the hire period agreed with Kingfisher Wharf in the contract must be strictly adhered to; all guests must have left the venue premises by that time. Bars must stop serving at 10.45pm and all guests departed by 11.00pm. Any amplified music (limited to 80 Dba) or entertainment must stop at 10.45pm, after that only background music is permitted until 11.00pm.

What happens with setup and breakdown times?

The client must work to an achievable set up and breakdown time. There must be enough staff included to pack down within 1 hour from the contracted end time. All contractors and subcontractors must be fully insured and submit the appropriate risk assessments and method statements.

Can I deliver supplies and equipment in advance?

There is no storage available at the venue or nearby for deliveries made before your contracted hire commences. If the weather is inclement and it has been agreed by the Kingfisher Wharf Events Team, some equipment may be allowed to be stored in the internal office. Early morning deliveries to Central Avenue (see attached map) are permitted from 08:00. Collections can be made up to 8pm. Access is controlled by an automated bollard which cannot be lowered outside these times.

Is there a cost for hiring the baby grand piano?

No, it is included in the room hire fee. However, tuning of the piano if required will be at the cost of the hirer.

Is your venue accessible for wheelchair users?

Our venue is fully accessible for disabled visitors by crossing the footbridge and turning right up the ramp to onto The Deck, then through the automatic sliding doors and into the Waterscape. Access to the Studio, accessible toilet, and cloakroom facilities is via The Waterscape and needs to be planned in advance.

Who manages Kingfisher Wharf?

Kingfisher Wharf is leased and operated by Riverstone who operate the nearby Riverstone Fulham residence. It is called Kingfisher Wharf after the iconic river bird that resides on land close to the Thames.

Are E bikes and scooters allowed in the venue?

Due to the risk of fire, E-scooters and E-bikes are not allowed onto Kingfisher Wharf at any time.

Can my guests smoke at the venue?

No smoking or vaping is permitted anywhere in the venue or on the outside Deck or footbridge.

When can I use the Deck for my event?

The deck is always booked for you when you book the Waterscape. However in the colder months access will be restricted to ensure that the Waterscape stays nice and warm. You can enjoy the use of the deck at other times until 10pm in the evening.